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A European-wide virtual event dedicated to business and photonics projects

22 NOV 2022

9am - 7pm

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Organized by

Photonics France

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photonics online meetings #5 :

Meet your future European Business partners​ !

The 5th edition of Photonics Online Meetings will be held on November 22nd with a focus on the European market.

Photonics Online Meetings aim to bring together major contractors/key buyers and suppliers of photonic technologies and services. 

An exceptional arrangement of pre-scheduled and relevant meetings between technology suppliers and contractors makes this day a unique event during which partnerships and business opportunities are woven.

In addition, experts from the photonics field lead a rich program of conferences, product and technical presentations.


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Statistics of the #3 edition

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Meet your future European Business & Photonics Projects partners​

Find networking and business actions by taking part in these meetings. This is an opportunity for contractors to find technology suppliers capable of meeting their technological challenges, to discover, among other things, the new trends in photonics and to provide solutions to future challenges.​

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Who attends?
  • Major contractors (photonics and/or application markets)
  • Technology and service providers
  • Research laboratories
  • Institutions​
  • Public and private partners
  • Congressists
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Why attend?
  •  Develop your business : an average of 10 to 15 One2One meetings
  • Identify skills and technological solutions

  • Connect with decision makers and present your projects : R&D / Production / Sales / Key buyers / partners are available all day long​

  • Target funders (public or private)


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Why participate in webinars & conferences?
  • Demonstrations / Experiences / Showroom / Live software via screen-sharing​
  • Virtual conferences by visio on an easy and intuitive platform​
  • Interactive exchanges with product and service experts
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I am a participant, how do I organise my meetings?​

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1 - Register online​

Once you have registered and created your participation area (supplier and/or client, public institution, research laboratory, investor), fill in your profile page [...].
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2 - Make your meeting requests

At the opening of the catalogue, 1 month before the event, you select and request the contacts you wish to meet, with the possibility to motivate your requests for meetings.

3 - Validate the requests received

Each participant has the possibility to request a meeting with you; you just have to accept or decline their offers.

4 - Receive your meeting schedule

One week before the event, you will receive your schedule, including the meetings validated by both parties as well as the conferences and webinars you wish to attend.​

5 - On November 22nd, attend the event

Login to your participant area, access your schedule and start your meetings and webinars directly from the platform with no need to install any software.

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You have questions and that's only natural! Below you will find many answers and tips about Photonics Online Meetings.​

​How can I make my meetings a success?
  • Make at least 25 meeting requests to ensure a reliable basis for your pre-programmed meetings agenda.​
  • Use the test utility available on the plateform to ensure the compatibility of you camera and microphone to be ready on May, 11th.
  • When sending your meeting requests, remember to motivate your requests in a targeted manner: your proposals acceptance rate will increase by 80%!​
  • Prepare your meetings in advance, reread the profile page of your contacts before your meetings.​
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How can I ensure my profile to be visible and get qualified/relevant meetings?
  • Stand out from the other participants in the catalogue by displaying your logo and with communication options.
  • Complete your company profile: the more complete your profile is, the more you’ll get suggested to the A.I to the other participants and the more you will receive requests for relevant meetings. A well completed profile increases your chances of getting qualified meetings on top of a decent ROI.​
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How and why does A.I help me to organize my meetings schedule?​
  • AI operates at two key stages in the process of generating targeted leads :​
  • When you request an meeting: the catalogue of participants is presented to you in decreasing order of interest according to what you have formulated in your company profile.​ It gives you the opportunity to save time and not forget certain cross-references when making manual requests. You can nevertheless make your own filters using inclusive or exclusive (and/or) drop-down lists.​
  • When all the participants have accepted or declined their requests: our algorithm optimizes the organization of each person's schedule on the basis of the meetings validated by both parties. This ensures you only have qualified meetings.​
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Photonics France is the French Federation of Photonics. With nearly 180 members - manufacturers, companies, academia, training organizations, and photonics associations in France, Photonics France is the unique and legitimate national representative and interlocutor of the photonics industry. Its ecosystem guarantees an undeniable representation of the French photonics industry.

Our mission :

  • REPRESENT, coordinate and defend the French photonics industry
  • DEVELOP and promote
  • SUPPORT and serve our members
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